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Advantages of Astra Finance Funding

While Astra finance helps you save your money so easily and without stress, it is an advantage. The likes of this in relation to the benefits of Astra finance includes:

Automated transfers – on its accord, Astra finance knows when to transfer between your accounts depending on how you set it up. Hence, you can transfer cash into a particular higher yield account. Astra initiates transfers between your accounts – automatically. You can set the rules to reach your saving goals.

Free transfers – It shouldn’t cost you money to transfer your money between your accounts. Astra includes free transfers to and from your checking and savings accounts. Astra has built the software to facilitate bank transfers automatically through the ACH network.

Dynamic command-based routine – just as you have set the rules of financial engagement, you have no worries about inconsistent income in your balances. Thus, if your balance is low, Astra won’t initiate a transfer. The set routines respond to your finances in real-time and send you notifications of move transfers.

Faster means of achieving savings goal– Astra generally, makes it possible for you to set up your savings plan, track your progress for each savings goal, and fund them faster and easily.

Short Falls of Astra finance

Though, it is one of the best financial budgeting apps, Astra Finance has some shortcomings that are under improvement.

First, the budgeting software cannot connect to PayPal. This is a huge deal for people using PayPal as their preferred method of reimbursement. Secondly, transfers are currently limited to checking and savings accounts. Users cannot set up transfers to investment accounts, retirement accounts, or to automate debt payments. Those features are presently being reviewed for improvement

Cost of Joining ASTRA Finance

The most interesting aspect of Astra Finance is that it iscompletely free for you to start using but nevertheless, it will not reimburse you if you attract overdraft or other fees due to its automated routines.

How to Start using Astra Finance

Now, that we have clearly expantiated all about Astra Finance through this review, this is how to begin using the app following the process below.


First, you have to download and install the application and then finish up the setting up process. After the set up stage, the app has two levels of profiling. These levels are the  Registered and Verified level.


Registered: At this level in the registration process, you can link your financial accounts to the app to see balances or transactional information. Also, you can step-up alerts and notifications based on those accounts.


Verified: At this level, everything is available for use in the Registered level. In addition, you can now transfer funds between accounts using automation and you can set up savings goals within the app to track savings for specific items. To get the most out of Astra this is the level for you!


Hence, it is highly recommend that you complete the Verification process to have the best experience with Astra. To do that, you will need to provide some basic information through the onboarding process which will be used to ensure account authenticity.

Finally, the required information for your verification process includes: Full legal name, Mailing Address, Birthdate, Last four digits of your Social Security Number,

When your account is verified, then it’s now time to link some financial accounts to your Astra profile and linking your accounts is as simple as signing in to your online bank account.


First, select the “+” icon and choose “Link a bank account” from the list of options.


The next step is that you will be prompted to either select your bank from the list or search for it in the search bar.


With your bank highlighted you will now be able to enter your username and password for that account, the same one that you use to access that account online or through their app.

This is the end of the registration and verification processes using Astra Finance.

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